Paleo Foods for a Highly Energized Crossfit Training

If you are looking to improve your overall health and fitness levels, then you definitely want to get in on the Paleo Diet Crossfit lifestyle. Crossfit workouts are intense by any measure. They push every fiber of your body to the limit.

paleo foods and crossfit training

In order to get the most out of your workout and continue reaping the benefits of Crossfit, you will want to adapt your diet. The Paleo diet is the best fuel possible for the Crossfit workout. The Paleo diet is based upon the diet of the Ancient Man.

The Paleo diet is also known as the Caveman Diet or the Hunter Gatherer diet. It allows its followers to eat only what could’ve been gathered, hunted, and fished. Lean meats, eggs, nuts, fruits, and vegetables are all allowed. Dairy and carbs are not.

The Paleo Diet Crossfit lifestyle works well for those who are looking to increase their fitness across all ten fitness domains as recognized by Crossfit. This intense workout requires the best fuel to support your systems. It’s a great way to eat to fuel Crossfit workouts because not only do you not measure anything you will not go hungry. Instead, you will feast on lean meats and proteins.

The Paleo Diet Crossfit lifestyle lets you consume high quality protein and carbs. The difference between high quality carbs in vegetables in fruits and eating processed carbs is astounding in terms of how your body will run. The Paleo diet is fuel for Crossfit workouts.

The Paleo Diet Crossfit lifestyle will work very well for anyone committed to the Crossfit workouts. There are five key foods on the Paleo Diet that will best serve as fuel for the intensity of Crossfit workouts.


Eggs will give your body the perfect protein. You need protein to fuel muscle development. In fact, when you do not feed your body adequate levels of protein and you work out at intense levels, your body will steal protein from your muscle mass. To avoid that, eat enough pure, high quality protein to keep your muscles at their peak.


Broccoli will serve up healthy carbs for your body. The Paleo diet improves your endurance, strength, and performance. Our bodies were built to process and use the foods on the Paleo diet. When you eliminate processed foods from our diets, our bodies respond favorably. Unlike Neolithic carbs, broccoli will not spike your blood sugar. Your glycemic index will stay low.


Bananas will really help you with your post-workout recovery. Let Neolithic eaters fill up on pastas and other refined carbs. Your banana will help you recover more fully and more quickly than any Neolithic food out there.


Salmon will provide a terrific source of healthy Omegas. And eliminating those processed foods from your diet will decrease the bad Omegas. The result? Decreased inflammation in your body. That not only increases your health, but increases your athletic performance.

Almonds are a terrific Paleo diet contribution for the Crossfit follower. High in protein, absent carbs and great for your cholesterol levels and your heart. The Paleo Diet Crossfit lifestyle is good for you all around. What are you waiting for? A better level of fitness and health is on the other side of eliminating modern foods from your diet.

The Paleo diet is also ideal for traditional running sessions!

If you’re looking to increase your stamina, endurance, and performance as a runner, then you may be checking into the Paleo diet. If what you want is to run faster, harder, and farther, then you may want to think about a shift in lifestyle. Lifestyle is really the key word here, because the Paleo diet is not a diet as much as it is a shift in gears for your eating habits.

A lot of runners are considering the Caveman diet, as the Paleo way of eating is often called. The reason is simple: it promises better athletic performance. The premise is really pretty uncomplicated. Ancient Man did not eat as we eat today. It was not out of some religious observance or finicky preference.

Many of the foods that have become staples of our diet today were simply not invented at this time in history. Wheat, corn, rice and the like are all fairly modern food inventions. Ancient Man had to run fast, lift heavy objects, remain alert, and, above all, endure. This wasn’t something he did to compete.

He did these things to stay alive. His diet allowed him peak performance and maximum health. It’s been estimated that the Paleo man transverse about ten miles a day. He did this while hunting food. And he did it without a tremendous amount of struggle. This is due to his superior diet.

Before you get skeptical about the idea of paleo eating for the runner, think about this: Ancient Man did not get diabetes, heart disease and cancer. He died from lack of medical care, not from the consequences of his diet.

Many trainers are embracing the Paleo diet for their athletes because the science simply makes sense. When you eliminate the processed foods, the manufactured foods, and the invented foods, you remove the anti-nutrients we shovel into our bodies each day. What you’re left with is just less messed with foods, and those are definitely healthy.

The Paleo diet does for runners what healthy foods do for runners: increase the ability of the body to perform. The Paleo way of eating is about lean meats, healthy fats, and vegetables. Nothing you eat will be anything that is absent nutrients or bad for you.

Every bite you take will be nothing but pure fuel for the body. Our bodies were not designed to ingest the bulk of what we eat as a part of our modern “healthy” diets. Our bodies have not yet evolved to fully and effectively process the “healthy” foods we’ve created for ourselves.

When you make the shift to Paleo eating, your body begins to hum like a well-oiled machine. That’s because it can run at optimal levels because you’re giving the proper fuel. Nothing extra to gunk up the system.

If you are a runner, consider making the switch to the Paleo diet. Your body will reward your efforts with increased effort, performance, and endurance. You will be running like you have never run before. Those who’ve made the switch can’t say enough about it.

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